11 Tips To Deflate Belly

Fighting against ballooning or losing weight precisely at the level of the belly is not an easy thing. Here are 11 easy tips to get there gradually.

The abdominal belt is one of the places in the body where fat is stored most easily and quickly. But that's not all. If your belly is fat, it is not just fat. Bloating is also an issue. Here are 11 tips to find a flat stomach and a feeling of lightness.

1. Consume less salt

When you consume too much salt on a daily basis, it results in the retention of water in your body, especially in the abdomen, thighs and buttocks. To lose belly, one of the first steps to take is to limit or even banish the salt from your diet.

2. Drink more water
2You need to drink enough water to keep your body properly hydrated. In this way, you prevent water retention in your body. Moreover, drinking enough water every day helps to fight against constipation. Specialists recommend drinking about two liters of water daily.

3. Eat slowly

3At the table, take your time to chew food well. Indeed, eating slowly is important for a healthy digestion, and therefore to avoid belly bloating. But that's not all. Eating slowly helps reduce the amount of food ingested because the feeling of satiety comes faster, which is great for keeping your line.

4. Avoid soft drinks and othe

4It goes without saying that soft drinks are now to be avoided if you want to deflate the stomach for two main reasons. The first reason is that sodas contain a lot of sugar, which is harmful to your health and counter productive if you want to lose belly. The second reason you should avoid soft drinks and sodas is the gas they contain. Excess gas remains in the belly and causes belly bloating.

5. Eat more fruits and vegetables

5To lose weight in general, or to deflate belly in particular, fruits and vegetables are your best allies. They bring the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants essential to the functioning of your body. With fruits and vegetables, you have better digestion, which in turn, helps to lose belly.

6. Avoid foods that generate gas

6Digestion of certain foods generates gas and flatulence. It is 
better to avoid them or at least to reduce their consumption to the
strict minimum. We talk about foods such as beans, peas, lentils,
cabbage, broccoli and even peppers. If you are already suffering 
from constipation or bloating, these foods should be avoided in your diet.

7. Avoid frying

7To lose weight or lose belly, fat is to be avoided in your diet. You need to pay more attention to fried foods. These are bad fats that are dangerous to your health and to your line, especially because of their high fat and salt content.

8. Eat small portions

The trick is to eat little to give less work to your stomach. This way, 

the digestions are easier, and you undergo less bloating. So you 

have to eat small portions of food throughout the day.

9. Consume fiber in small quantities
Fiber, Dietary Fiber, Food.
The advantage of consuming fiber is that they facilitate digestion and help fight against constipation. Moreover, consuming fiber is good for your diet, because this type of food makes it possible to quickly reach the sensation of satiety. However, be careful not to overdo it, because consuming too much fiber can cause abdominal distension.

10. Take regular physical activity
10To lose belly, but also to lose weight and for general good health, you must regularly exercise. In this way, you burn excess fat throughout the body. There are also targeted exercises to work the abdominal muscles. This way, you are fighting constipation, water retention and storing excess fat at this specific location.

11. Consume juices to lose belly
11Some foods, prepared in juice or cocktail, have the ability to help fight against bloating, but also they help to lose weight. Pae example concoctez yourself a smoothie based on avocado, spinach and a ripe banana to facilitate the elimination of toxins. With a juice based on papaya and oats, you improve your digestion.